D. Ryan Seregow

~ EST. 1981 ~

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Who am I? Good question! I was born in the winter of 1981 at a hospital in Mountain View, CA. My dad's family is of a Russian descent with some family members still living on a small farm outside of Kiev. My mom's family is Norwegian and of one of the many "Smith" family blood lines.

I'm an only child, never married, have only had two true loves and four 1st dates, and still think I have an amazing life. As much as I want to be married and have kids, I'm also taking my time in finding the right one for my life. I'm quite picky and won't settle for anything less than what I want in a lifelong partner.

Most consider me as kind, thoughtful, courteous, humble, and trustworthy, yet brave, outgoing, adventureous, creative, helpful, and down to earth. I'm very forgiving, lax, easy-going, and take life slow and in strides. I'm not one to rush things.

I highly value friendships as something I cannot - nor will ever - take for granted. I always go out of my way to see that their day is bright and joyful, and am there to lend a hand when needed.

I am a born-again Christian and I'm not afraid to share this. I'm not perfect by any means nor am one to judge or pressure people into becoming a Christian. I'm okay with having friends of all beliefs (or lack thereof) as current friendships prove this point quite nicely.

I have a high respect for this country, the men and women who serve in the many areas of the military and public safety, and will never ever tolerate the disrespect for our country's flag. I have been given the priviledge and honor to salute the flag, and always give my honor and respect when due, whether at a funeral honoring the fallen, during the National Anthem, while passing by the flag blowing in the wind, or in recognition of someone who deserves the honor in a time of reward or praise.

I proudly support the US Marine Corps and the US Army which a few who I consider my brothers currently serve in. They mean the world to me and I to them. I do not call myself a Marine, nor do I ever claim to be one, but I do proudly wear shirts and clothing that show the colors and of the various depts of the US military.

My home address is in the town of New Almaden, just 6 miles south of Oakridge Mall. It's not in the Almaden Valley as most people think, but rather in the physical town of about 300 residents and 4 streets total. The town is historic and dates back to the Civil War era. It has its own post office, community center, restaurant, church, museum, and even a small cemetery. It offers a quiet escape from the city, some hiking trails that wrap around the nearby Santa Cruz mountains, and is home to many friendly people!

When I need time to relax, I drive out to the Mojave desert and stay at an old cabin I helped preserve with the NPS. It was once a part of a mining operation and was owned by the most amazing man I've ever known before the NPS took over the land. In the area are mining towns, abandoned military camps, railroad tracks, movie sets, and hours of endless offroad trails! The sky at night is clear and bright with the Milky Way stars that can be seen with the naked eye. When the moon comes out, it illuminates the landscape with so much light that you'll never need a flashlight again!

I own and operate two very successful communication companies in the Silicon Valley that started in 2001, and own a part-time professional photography business that opened in 2006. I have been very successful in the many business ventures I've started, passed along, and completed. I've built many successful teams for my various business activities, and I consider myself a valuable leader with a vast variety of knowledge and skills that no other man can achieve or claim to have.

My name is Ryan, and this is who I am.


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