D. Ryan Seregow

~ EST. 1981 ~

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The production world is tons of fun! This can include recording studio sessions, concerts, broadcasting, theater, films, and even some good ol' desk editing time. I was a part of it all (and still are)!

My very first production involvement was in the "To Hell & Back" halloween show that Bethel Church of San Jose put on every year, written by Reverend Bret Allen, and directed by Pastors Robert Stefani and Steven Long. My job was to score the background music live during the show. I brought in my MIDI keyboards and MIDI racks, and scored music from very creepy effects to subtle music to an old mausoleum organ to a simple melody that complimented the scene.

My next opportunity was working with Linnie McIntyre and the rented lighting system at Bethel Church during one of their Christmas productions. She allowed me to help her rig the lighting fixtures, move in trussing, and be her "run-around" assistant during load-ins and load-outs.

After that, I was invited to sign up for the Women of Faith Ministries as the Assistant to the Production Director. They held their local concerts at the HP Pavilion Arena in San Jose. This allowed me full, unrestricted access to all areas of the arena and I basically ran errands for the production crew. Granted that wasn't the greatest job to have, I did get to meet the talent for the evening, assist the production crew load in and out, have dinner with them every night, and walk throughout the catwalks of the arena.

After my third year with them and making new life-long friends, I ventured back into the production world at Bethel Church and now serve as their go-to guy for rigging, stage management, lighting design, and audio engineering. In 2014, I was invited to be a part of the production in a whole new way as one of their photographers for the shows.

I'm quite curious what will come next...


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