D. Ryan Seregow

~ EST. 1981 ~

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I specialize in two types of rigging: tower structures and theatrical lighting.

Tower structures are unique in that they run veritcally and you must bring all your tools with you when you climb. They also hold a variety of antenna types for your daily communication needs such as two-way radio, internet, cellular, AM/FM/TV broadcast, and more.

In 2006, I started a company called Bay Area Repeater Systems which offered dedicated tower facility support for various clients (private, city, state, government, military, etc). The company grew so much that I was forced to change the name to Comm1 Towers and offer services outside the SF bay area region. I also had to hire a full crew to support these massive projects we obtained. Since its start, we've installed antennas as long as 40 feet, as heavy as 150 lbs, and at heights of over 330 feet!! -- See the photos below for examples.

Theatrical rigging is a bit easier as you only need a few simple tools such as a wrench, gaff tape, electrical tape, flathead screwdriver, and a flashlight. You also don't have to climb up to reach the lighting fixtures; you can use man lifts or catwalks. If you are installing trussing, you must know how to find pick-points or rigging points to secure the trussing to the existing infrastructure.

Thanks to the various opportunities I've described in the "Production" section, I've had the honor of serving in a variety areas in the theatrical world. One of them was the redesign and rerigging of the lighting system at Bethel Church of San Jose. All trussing, fixtures (both static and automated), cabling, dimmers, and other rigging equipment have been installed and maintained by myself. Although I'm no longer serving on the lighting team there, I'm still a valuable tool and get called on to give input on future installs. My design layout is still in use there too, and is very flexible for the many services, mini-skits, and full productions the church holds throughout the year. -- If you're ever in the area, let me know and I'll give you a personal tour. :-)


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