D. Ryan Seregow

~ EST. 1981 ~

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I started in lighting way back in 1993 with a friend that own a company called X-Treme Tech. I was just a helper then with very basic stuff like an 8-channel lighting board and a few DJ cans. But that didn't stop my curiousity...

In 1998, I joined the lighting team at Bethel Church of San Jose under the direction of Terry Harnish. Their lighting console was an ETC Express 24 that was able to handle 96 channels of dimmers. No automated fixtures were available at that time, and any productions we held at the church had to be rented by Musson Theatrical with Linnie McIntyre as the LD (lighting designer).

However, that all changed when Terry Harnish stepped down and retired in 2008...

2009 rolled around and the church needed a person to program the services. Someone suggested they ask me, and so I stepped up and took charge of the lighting dept. In late 2009, the dept transfered to the direction of Jared Stefani and was placed under the Multimedia Dept. Jared also wanted to upgrade the entire lighting system and buy new automated fixtures to expand the capability of our production seasons. The Jands Vista T4 became a part of the Bethel family and I was placed as the Chief Lighting Technician and Jands Vista Chief Lighting Programmer. This was fun!

I had control of four universes (512 channels of dimming control per universe), each having over 350 static fixtures and 22 automated fixtures, and all were operated on an ArtNet digital networking system. This meant that anywhere the system had a network port, I was able to place an ArtNet node there and open a new universe on that port. To give you an idea of the flexability I had, there were over 15 DMX universe nodes available in the house to connect to.

Productions were now easier to design, the house was given new trussing, our old static fixtures were rebuilt and relamped, and I could walk around the stage with a laptop and program the console wirelessly! No longer did we need to rent out production companies to design our shows; we could do this ourselves! We still rented lighting fixtures for the shows, but plugging in and patching them was a breeze!

From 2010 to 2013, I designed, programmed, and operated all shows for the Christmas Spectacular and Celebrate America productions at Bethel Church. It was fun, but also very tiring, tedious, patient-testing, and a lot of man-hours were put into each production. For example, I logged in well over 183 hours of rigging, designing, programming, and operating in 2013 from October-December just for the Christmas Spectacular production alone! But in the end, it was all very rewarding!

In January, 2014, I hung my lighting hat at Bethel Church and transfered over to the audio dept under the direction of Jeff Miller. After only five years of serving in the lighting dept, it was time to step down and move on to other areas that needed my expertise and assistance. But I regret nothing; I loved every moment of that position, even the grueling hours it required, and in the end I could say that I accomplished all that I wanted to and expected nothing more.


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